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  • Published on February 12, 2018

Extract from recent press release:

Capilano Honey Launch Solar Power Initiative


At Capilano Honey, we're dedicated to safeguarding the future of Australia's honey bee population. Something that plays a huge role in protecting Aussie bees is promoting a clean, green environment.

As such, over a number of years Capilano Honey has been progressively making environmental improvements across our three packing sites to ensure that Australia's favourite honey is delivered with the least amount of environmental impact.

In a comparison to 2015 versus 2016, Capilano Honey was recognised for a successful 22.81% reduction of energy usage which resulted in a reduction from 0.49 to 0.39 Greenhouse gas emissions in kgCO2e - per kilograms of honey packed.

Potable water usage also improved by 36% over the same period, which also saw reductions in the amount of trade waste generated. This great result was achieved by tackling waste with a true sense of urgency, engaging staff, building relationships with industry leading providers and striving for continual improvement in everything we do.

Our efforts were recognised last year by the Minister of Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, Hon Dr Steven Miles, along with 13 other Queensland Businesses that have made a 10% reduction in their energy, water and/or waste usage.

But we aren't stopping there! This year we will be increasing the use of Solar Power supplementation across our packing sites; working towards our long-term goal to produce 'Zero Carbon' honey!

Our Perth packing site in Western Australia already works off of partial Solar Power supplementation, and we are buzzed to announce our Maryborough site in Victoria is the next to be transitioned to Solar. Construction is set to commence at the end of this month through Todae Solar, meaning we're kicking off 2018 cleaner and greener than ever before! Watch this space...


Above shows the power of the people, the power of the single idea, the collective idea & the vision & a guiding coalition.

Through enabling staff to be conscious and mindful of their ability, understanding of the current state and by challenging and empowering them to chase down results for the right reasons with a true sense of Urgency, things happen and things happen fast.

R!sk simplified understands world leading LEAN methodologies and how, never before have they have the ability to increase Safety & Environmental performance. Long have they been used to focus on traditional 'business' measures such as DIFOT, Cost, Throughput. This quality and cost focus has been effective and safety & environmental impact improvements have been a nice 'side effect'.

To single yourself out in the market place, with a genuine drive to get this right with a true sense of urgency while communicating effectively, putting Safety & Environment first, long term, will always reap massive benefits on the journey from good to great.

The Voice of the Customer is becoming louder and louder and that voice is changing, millennial's are thinking differently, society is awakening at an ever increasing rate. They are voting with their money and becoming more and more deliberate. Pre-empting what your customers want before they want it and listening to them and staff has never been more important as traditional business receptiveness & their established paradigms are being challenged.

Ask yourself:

Does your staff and management clearly have environmental impacts, risks & controls embedded in their conscious and know exactly where in the corporate processes they sit and what status they are?

Can they 'see' improvements & can they problem solve effectively in a simple systematic way?

Is Passion, Integrity, improvement & results embedded in everyone, everyday?

When the next financial crisis hits, do you know where your 'fat' really is & do you want to wait until a crisis to make short and lasting changes at the same time as your competitors are?

Do you really know how compliant your business is?

Do you know what grants are available and how to access them effectively?

Do you know partners and networks that will join together with the collective passion of making a difference to your business out of pure love for people and the environment we live in?

Do you know how to effectively evaluate suppliers quantitatively and qualitatively to ensure they align with your business, truly and deliver what you expect?

Get in touch for a quality discussion on how your business can be the best version of itself.

Edward Foord | 12 February 2018

Edward Foord