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Root Cause Analysis Master Class

  • Crown leadership Group Brisbane (map)

Aim: World Class Root Cause Analysis seminar that delivers framework and skills to complete a successful RCA while utilising latest software and technology to maximise the process.

Course Duration: 1 Day (8hrs)

Course Overview:

A 1 day introduction to effective problem solving and root cause analysis using Root Cause Analysis.

This is a perfect course in effective problem solving for anyone and a required course for anyone who participates in a Root Cause Analysis.

Latest cutting edge technology & Psychology will be used to show delegates how to maximise the gains from the RCA process. The students will learn how to apply RCA to both simple systems and complex groups of systems.

Course Key Learning:

The students will learn root cause analysis with the latest psychological techniques and technology to maximise the experience and outcome. A high level overview of the process will be followed by a deep dive into the elements with a final review.

They will work several instructor - led exercises punctuated by case studies that build upon each other to learn how to identify causes and to recognize the difference between actions and conditions.

A rich learning experience will be provided by a panel of experts and hands on use of technology such as Augmented Reality.

The students will be exposed to a new way of thinking about a problem and learn a step by step method to solve any problem the work place can present.

Each module builds upon the progression of effective solution generation in an approach that complements the RCA facilitator course and its methodology.